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Building a Data Stack From Scratch

Size: 10 employees

Industry: Management Consultant

About The Equal Group: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy helping companies eliminate issues of bias in the workplace.

Data Stack: Excel + BigQuery + Metabase

Creating an MVP

One  of  the  key  services  that  The  Equal Group  offers  to their corporate clients are  EDI  audits  which  help organisations identify areas to make incremental improvements  in  terms of  equality,  diversity  and  inclusion.  To conduct this analysis  and  present  their  final reports  to  clients,  they  were  using  limiting tools  such  as  Excel  and  PowerPoint.  They contacted CIS with three key requirements: 1) Help identify and evaluate tools that  would  allow  users  to  drill  down into the data. 2) Select and implement a low-cost tool that could  produce user-friendly   dashboards and that had a professional aesthetic. 3) Have access to an external team  that  could  quickly design and generate their dashboards after they had collected the client's audit data.

Life with Metabase and a Helping hand from CIS

In a matter of days the company had several interactive dashboards embedded on a secure website that could be filtered by client, and that allowed viewers to drill down into the audit data without exposing the identity of the employees. TEG had a scalable and professional prototype that would allow them to expand their service offering. And perhaps most importantly for a company of their size, by outsourcing this task, they had more time to focus on other business critical activities.

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