The Modern Data Stack

The world of analytics is changing:

Companies are migrating legacy systems to Cloud, aiming to become truly insight-driven and empower their employees by granting them greater access to information. Take a look at some of the tools that enable these changes.


Our Approach for Fast Results


A new type of data analytics platform

Looker’s collaborative modelling layer allows for centralised definitions of business logic as well as accelerated model development and deployment. Its direct connection to your database means that your organisation can have access to real-time analytics. Looker’s philosophy is to provide self-service analytics, empowering users to carry out their own analysis and create reports or visualizations independently. The Looker API also allows you to integrate the tool into your existing workflows and deliver data to where your business users need it most.

Snowflake CIS

A data warehouse built for the Cloud

Snowflake is a cloud-based elastic warehouse with unique features that makes computations easy and economical, facilitating a major change to the data pipeline. Enjoy this near-zero maintenance platform that handles infrastructure, optimisation, data protection and more, in addition to giving you the flexibility to choose between your preferred cloud providers. With a multi-cluster shared data architecture that allows you to pay only for the resources you use, and its ability to share both structured and semi-structured data instantly and securely, Snowflake provides a solution for modern data warehousing, data engineering and data lake needs.


A tool that automates your data pipeline

Fivetran is a fully managed and scalable extract and load tool transforming the way businesses approach their ETL process. It is the fastest way to connect all your information sources to your data warehouse; with more than 170 connectors and its predefined schemas, you can configure your pipeline in a matter of minutes. The tool provides a maintenance-free solution to data integration and automatically adjusts to source changes.


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