Size: 40 employees

Industry: Fintech

About Verse:
Mobile app that allows you to share payments easily and instantly in va- rious currencies with no hidden fees.

Data Stack:
Google BigQuery + Looker

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Migrating from Metabase to Looker in 60 days



The objective of upgrading from Metabase to Looker was to democratise data across the company and to obtain a single version of the truth for business metrics, in addition to giving business users the ability to independently carry out more complex analysis.

The BI team at Verse had over 100 queries and reports to refine and replicate on their new BI tool. So to accelerate the migration of Verse’s new data platform, the company relied on the help of Looker's local partner CIS Consulting. 

Life with Looker

  1. New data-oriented organisational culture where decisions are based on reliable insights.
  2. New levels of analysis thanks to Lookers modelling capabilities such as Liquid Parameters which created a more flexible data model and allowed end users to carry out complex queries, and Drill downs which allowed users to answer the “next question”.
  3. Actionable data e.g. setting up automatic alerts between the Looker platform and Braze.

“I feel empowered being able to get all my questions answered by myself”

Sergi Molins, Chief Of Staff

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“I haven’t created a single dashboard in the last month!”

Alba Luján, Data Scientist

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