Building a Data Platform for Embedded Analytics

About The Equal Group:
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Consultancy helping companies eliminate issues of bias in the workplace.

Industry:Management Consultant

Size: 10 employees

Data Stack: Google BigQuery + Looker

Defining New Dashboard Requirements

One of the key services that The Equal Group offers to their corporate clients are EDI audits which help organisations identify areas of improvement with regards to workforce equality, diversity and inclusion. One key activity included collecting survey data from employees, using Excel to analyse results, and then presenting static reports to clients with PowerPoint. The Equal Group wanted to give their clients the ability to further interrogate their data by creating dynamic and drillable dashboards that could be embedded within their client application. The Equal Group tasked CIS with the configuration of a whole new data stack that would allow them to generate reports within days of receiving the data.

Building Secure & Dynamic Embedded Dashboards

The team at CIS created a data stack on GCP to fulfil The Equal Group's requirements. After setting up the new data warehouse, we created a flexible modelling layer within Looker that allowed for quick turnaround of new client dashboards. The model also ensured that strict data security policies could be applied such that the dashboard would allow for drilldowns into subsections of the data without exposing the identity of the employees. The final result, scalable and professional embedded dashboards that have allowed them to expand their service offering. And perhaps most importantly for a company of their size, by working with an extended data team, they have gained more time to focus on other critical business activities.

“...And with CIS taking care of my data needs, I get to dedicate more time to critical business activities”
Mac Alonge, CEO

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