Delivering Value From Data With Looker

About Paack:Rapidly expanding eCommerce delivery service currently operating in over 60 cities across four countries. Following a massive increase in online shopping in 2020, Paack saw a 35% growth in turnover and largest capital injection among Spanish startups that year. 

Industry: Logistics & Supply Chain

Size: 255 employees 

Data Stack: Google BigQuery + Looker 

The Need for Transformation

Paack’s fast-paced growth exposed some issues with their approach to billing and analytics. The prevalence of manual data sources and spreadsheet-based planning led to outdated reporting. The lack of technology hindered performance and productivity: they would generate a dozen daily reports per client in Excel & Power Point, and every change had to be approved across multiple departments, further delaying the process. The Data Team would dedicate a lot of time to answering ad hoc requests, instead of improving Paack’s solution performance. It was essential to democratize data across the company, to ultimately enhance reporting, user experience and gain more visibility and control.

“The CIS Team not only helped us revamp the analytics platform, but ensured the transfer of knowledge that empowers users to be self-sufficient in the long run”

Pedro Puerta, Data Analytics Manager

Empowering users and analysts

CIS Consulting provided an effective Looker rollout plan, which consisted in modelling more agile analytics and reporting systems, as well as driving adoption across the departments by training developers and key users in each team. This allowed business users to self-serve and scale their queries instead of sharing back-and-forth manual reports, and simultaneously enabled the Data Team to focus on analytics, so that they can better assess user engagement and daily workflow.

Life with a Modern Data Stack

After implementing Looker, Paack has managed to centralize data and eradicate silos, so that data can be shared securely and accurately across the entire company. End users can build dashboards independently, while Looker champions in each department send feedback to the Data Team. The developers then run tests before applying any changes to ensure safe deployment. Embracing Looker will ultimately enable both developers and business users to be more data-driven and proactive. 

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