Creating an Analytics Platform fit for Mobile Advertising Giants

About Marfeel: Marfeel is an ad technology platform that revolutionises the way publishers create, optimise and monetise mobile websites.

Industry:Marketing & Advertising

Size: 200 employees

Data Stack: Google Airflow + Snowflake +  Looker

Working with Real-Time Big Data

Marfeel’s previous data analytics solution was an in-house development that included several open-source components. When they started to handle billions of records each month, they realized that their business needs had outgrown their data architecture; the data was siloed, and the infrastructure couldn’t scale. CIS Consulting stepped in to assist Marfeel in their design and "build vs buy" evaluation process whilst the client explored which analytics solutions would best suit their unique needs. 

In order to be able to work with real-time Big Data, Marfeel needed a fast and scalable analytics platform that would be accessible to all users. After evaluating several options, they have settled on the combination of Looker and Snowflake.

Life with a Modern Data Stack

We helped Marfeel build a fast, scalable, and economically viable data platform that grants access to all business users. By meeting these four requirements, Marfeel was able to take their analytics to the next level while creating an environment that can support their rate of growth.


"The CIS Data Team took our PoC to the next level and delivered far better results than we'd hoped for in an extremely short period of time"
Alessandro Pregnolato, Head of Data

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