Reaping the full benefits of OneStream in record time

About LaLiga: One of the most successful football leagues worldwide and a top Spanish brand, LaLiga is part of a €4.5 billion business. LaLiga encompasses 20+ clubs and public limited sports companies.

Industry: Sports & Media

Size: 1,000 employees

Technology: OneStream



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Reconciling data across systems was a tedious, error-prone task

Previously, LaLiga relied on a combination of Excel and Power BI to sort out all their financial planning, budgeting and forecasting processes, which led to data silos, disconnected metrics and a high volume of manual reports. The company required a system that could provide fast, secure and flexible intercompany reconciliations, as well as advanced reporting capabilities to quickly deliver results to stakeholders for review. 

OneStream presented LaLiga with the possibility to fully integrate six different data sources using web services, while paying special attention to people planning and core consolidations to ensure accuracy and consistency - all in one platform. Thanks to our ample expertise in OneStream implementations, we were able to take full advantage of the tool’s advanced capabilities and put the solution in place in record time by industry standards – only 6 months!

“OneStream proved to be a highly configurable solution for all of our financial planning needs. The processes are now streamlined, data is clean, orderly and, more importantly, reliable. We are now able to make decisions based on accurate and timely information”

Miguel Ángel González, CFO at LaLiga

All FP&A solutions a few clicks away

Instead of keeping the details of every asset in master data structures, separated in different databases or ERP models, LaLiga now has a single source of truth, with the ability to see, revise, spread, allocate, utilize drivers, or build from scratch. Through OneStream, the planning processes are streamlined and bullet-proof. Using advanced functions, LaLiga can harness detailed budgeting capabilities and navigate through the financial statements in a more agile and insightful way, without having to worry about data modeling. 

The solution we proposed affords full traceability and audit trails for data, metadata and process changes, with ability to drill back and drill through from the platform down to the transactional detail in the source system, and even the supporting document behind it. 


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