Reducing the High Costs of Financial Planning & Analysis with PBCS technology


Size: 500 employees

Industry: Sports

About: A popular Spanish football club established over 100 years ago. 

Technologies: PeopleSoft for ERP, Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) for Finacial Planning and Reporting


Facing Manual and Costly FP&A

Before the implementation of PBCS, the company carried out their different financial scenario planning (monthly forecasts and budgets) in excel, sequentially passing their definitive version to PeopleSoft. Every modification in PeopleSoft required a lot of manual manpower in addition to being very expensive. The challenge for CIS was to reduce the time dedicated to financial planning and add intelligence to the system so that the tool could propose an initial forecast in addition to help manage the different versions.

Life with PBCS

With their current solution, the organisation can carry out Financial Planning in a more agile, precise and less time consuming manner. The process now begins with an initial forecast generated by the system, based on real/historic data and with specific allocation criteria. The system also provides the possibility of copying and adjusting values easily. In addition it allows users to maintain the different versions of each forecast. The whole process is complemented by the integration between PBCS and PeopleSoft working in both directions i.e. real data being uploaded from PeopleSoft to PBCS, and the definitive version of each FP scenario being transferred from PBCS to PeopleSoft.

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