Reducing the High costs of Financial Planning & Analysis with Oracle EPM Cloud

About: The most successful football club in Spanish history, second most triumphant in Europe.

Industry: Sports

Size: 500 employees

Technology: Oracle PBCS

Facing Costly and Cumbersome FP&A

Prior to the implementation of Oracle EPM Cloud, the company carried out their planning for different financial scenarios (monthly forecast and budget) in Excel,  passing the definitive version to PeopleSoft sequentially. Every modification in PeopleSoft demanded time-consuming manual labour in addition to being very expensive. The challenge for CIS was to cut time spent on financial planning and add intelligence to the system so that the tool could deliver an initial forecast, as well as streamline scenario analysis in financial modeling.

Life with PBCS

With their current solution, the organisation can carry out Financial Planning in a more agile, precise and time-saving manner. The process now starts with an initial forecast generated by the system, based on actual/historic data and with specific allocation criteria. The system also allows to copy and adjust values with ease. In addition, it enables the users to maintain multiple versions of each forecast. The whole process is complemented with the integration between PBCS and PeopleSoft that works in both directions, meaning that real data is uploaded from PeopleSoft to PBCS, and the definitive version of each FP scenario is transferred from PBCS to PeopleSoft.


"CIS ensured knowledge transfer so that the client could become self-sufficient and take advantage of the planning tool as soon as possible”

Marta Navarro, Sr CPM Consultant

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