Case Study: Reinventing travel in times of change with BigQuery and Looker

About Ávoris: A global tour operator headquartered in Spain, which collaborates with over 40 international brands covering the entire travel cycle: distribution, transportation, destination services and experiences. 

Industry: Tourism & Leisure

Size: 2200 employees

Data Stack: Google BigQuery + Looker

CIS conducted a 6-months long trial focused on BigQuery and Looker, during which time we worked on complex use cases to equip the BI and E-commerce teams with all the necessary tools to grant their self-service analytics objective.

The Challenge

Following unprecedented changes in the tourism sector caused by the pandemic, and a merger with Globalia, Ávoris felt the need to transform from within. The BI team was migrating to Amazon Athena, while the e-commerce department planned to modernize their data warehouse with BigQuery. Looker would enable both to gain autonomy, harness operational insights and decision-making.

The Solution

Greater flexibility of inputs & outputs, enhanced productivity and decision making were all valuable aspects at the time of choosing Looker. But the deciding factor was ease of modelling data - that is, converting raw data into curated information that addresses the user’s questions with a simple drag-and-drop. This allowed the team to eliminate the barrier of SQL for end users who can now quickly obtain actionable insights.


The Result

Ávoris has a long history of mergers that have brought about multiple sources, tools and applications. The E-commerce and IT teams lead the way on the journey towards a data-driven culture. Great data accessibility and data governance, ease of use, and agile reporting without silos which in turn allows to make fast, well-informed decisions, are quoted as the main advantages of implementing Looker..


"Unlike more traditional consulting partners, CIS showed a dynamic approach, adapting to our goals, schedules, and general inexperience. By the end of the PoC, we felt confident using Looker because we have learned so much along the way"
Juan José Guasp, BI Lead

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