Size: 10 employees

Industry: Gaming & Entertainment

About Alea Play:
An online casino game aggregator allowing casinos to provide thousands of games from dozens of providers and track their performance in one centralised API integration.

Data Stack:
Stitch + Snowflake + Looker

Implementing a Modern Data Stack for a SAAS Gaming Platform 


Launching a New Business

Alea Play, formerly a part of a larger gaming group, needed a new data stack that would allow them to have a global view of all of their casinos, integrators, software and players around the world.

The company was dealing with thousands of transactions on a daily basis and required a data platform that would give all teams in the organisation (sales, account managers,  IT and finance) access to reliable company information to carry out their day to day activities.

They required a dedicated data team to lead and develop this analytics project.


Life with an Extended Data Team

CIS assumed the role of their data team to help evaluate and implement their new data architecture:
1) With Stitch we were able to integrate system data, currency data and GSheet reports without having to build connectors and with limited acquisition costs.
2) Thanks to Snowflake’s Snowpipe, we were able to automate the ingestion and transformation process of transaction data stored in S3 in near real time.
3) Using Looker, we were able to unify business logic and metric definitions; in addition, give users easy access to data exploration, fulfilling their Self Service Report Building objective. We also set up alerts in Looker to help Alea Play’s teams troubleshoot issues on their backend systems and  concerning matters of business reconciliation.

Our project methodology allowed users to have results within weeks, as well as have access to continued support for ad-hoc data requests.

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