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Do you want to optimise your time, money and resources?
We pair technological solutions and specialist know-how to your business needs to help you achieve all three. Our team of certified Corporate Performance Management and Data Analytics consultants are ready to join you on your journey to process optimisation; we can help you design, implement and maintain a modern analytics architecture.

Our work ethos is to share knowledge and achieve excellence. This means that by the end of a project with CIS as part of your team, you will feel confident using your new tools and knowing that you’re working with data you can trust.

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Are you a

If you are a startup trying to establish your goods & services, we can provide additional resources in the form of an external data team. Whether you require KPI reports to secure your next round of investment, or need help with building a robust database of valuable client and product information - we offer special startup packages that will fit within your scope and budget.


Are you a growing

If you are limited by your current data stack or experiencing greater demand from your co-workers for accurate data and reports, then it is time to upgrade your data architecture and eradicate any bottlenecks slowing down your ability to grow. We can accelerate this transition, helping you implement a scalable data stack.

Are you an Enterprise?

Big companies require complex systems - during our 20+ years of experience working with large enterprises, we have developed a methodology that covers the entire process, from tool selection and implementation to user adoption. Whether you’re looking for CPM or a new analytics platform, our Solutions Architects will help you find the right technologies for your workforce.


Monetise your data

Are you looking to monetise your data?

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company,  if data is at the core of your product, then you know that your data needs to be both reliable and easily understood. We have tailor-made solutions that allow you to integrate data into your application or web. So if embedded analytics is what you’re looking for, contact us to discuss how we can take your data product to production in no time.

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We are a dedicated team of certified consultants based in Madrid and Barcelona, offering the resources, training and support you need to succeed. We specialise in two fields:

Data Solutions: Data Integration, Data Warehousing & Modelling, Data Analytics & Visualisations, Predictive Analytics and Embedded Analytics.

CPM Solutions: Financial Planning & Analysis, Financial Consolidation & Reporting, Budgeting & Forecasting, and Data Quality.

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We partner with top of the range CPM and Data Analytics technologies to provide you with first class solutions. We always ensure that whatever tool you choose, it is the right fit for your organisation. Learn more about our:



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